He wanted everything she had, but she refused to give it to him. She had a deeper love for him, one that went beyond the surface, causing envy to grow deep in his heart because he wanted her so bad. He didn’t realize that he was her life and she was too naive to believe that he would bring her any harm. She loved him and that is why draining her spirit came to be an easier task than he imagined.


❗My first set❕

OK so as easy as knitting was to pick up I’ve been having problems making gloves that aren’t too long. When casting on it just doesn’t feel like it’s going to be long enough until I knit a few rows and see, unless I start with like 50, which is way too long for my liking. So as tiny as 35 knits look like when first starting, that’s exactly what I did……OK I did 39 on one because I still have yet to kick the “not long enough feeling”. I figured that would be fine. I am still a beginner so perfection isn’t what I’m aiming for….yet. 😉 Here is my first pair that look nearly the same.

I must add that casting on and casting off are my favorite part. I’m eager to learn a cute pattern as well. That bubble one caught my eye. ❤


Creating things is such a satisfying feeling. This is whether youre creating art, videos, clothes, or writings of whatever sort. When you create something beautiful to share with the world and they love it you find your purpose. Everyone here on earth was created for a reason, whether its good or bad. So when we do things that brings us joy it gives us the purpose that we are all searching for.

Life is a beautiful gift that we should explore. We cant be dormant and doing nothing constructive with our time. We have a world to create every single day. Add something productive to it. Keep authentic skill alive. Keep creating. You never know who is really watching you but as time goes by you start to see the influence you have on the people because we mimic what we pay most attention to. We mimic or we respond in some type of way.

To all my beautiful creative people keep creating and once you master one thing, learn something new. Keep creating. Keep teaching others how to be great and productive.

!New Hobby Alert!

Hey WordPress fam I know its been awhile and yes I have still been writing and cooking but Im saving that for a later time to share. Today I want to share a new hobby that I have picked up and love. Now before you continue, promise you wont laugh and call me names. 😄 If you can feel yourself getting ready to laugh and call names please exit now without continuing……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Ok now for everyone who has continued check out this piece of work Ive created.

Thats right. Knitting. Since all the name callers have already left I know no one will call me a boring old lady. 😂. Ive had rolls of yarn for years and have never did anything with them but as I was cleaning out my closet I told myself to put this to use or throw it away.

The small one is my first piece the bigger one my second piece where I became comfortable and learned how to knit correctly when changing colors. As you can see its not blended well in the middle. I missed some knits and all. My third piece up top has its flaws as well but I still put it together pretty well for my first glove. Im currently working on a different set of gloves and will post when finished.

Hobbies are a great way to express yourself and creating is a beautiful feeling in anything. 👌

Beauty Is Her Name

Would you like a beauty so sweet, she tries to meet your every need to a T? Would you like a beauty so strong, her tantalizing aroma has you thinking of her all day long? Would you like a beauty so caring, that you felt nothing but anticipation for the day you would marry?

What if this beauty uplifted you, made your spirit feel light and you just knew you would be happy for the rest of your life? What if this beauty encouraged you and helped you do all the things you wanted to? What if this beauty relaxed you and took your mind off whatever stressed you? 

         What would you do?

What’s You’re Reality?

The more real you are with yourself and your reality the smoother life will go on. If you want something write down the way you’re going to achieve it. Miracles don’t happen for everybody all the time. You have to work towards the life you want everyday. Never(I know they say never say never but I am) never envy what someone else has. That’s a joy killer right there. How can you be happy if your doing what makes you feel the opposite? Make more time for what feels good and when you start to feel the negativity creep up in your veins from the bottom of your soul, stop and check yourself right there! Create your reality and when something interferes with that, change your reality again so do better fits your current situation. The power of positive and productive thinking is within us, all we have to do is tap into it. Praying and going to sit on the couch for your wish to be granted will not happen. You have to be a firm and active believer. Bring what you want into existence and know what it takes to get it. Confidence and a good attitude can be your most powerful weapon, especially when they are genuine.