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Lone Wolf 

Sometimes I sit and wonder why some people show the most love to those who are negative influences in their lives. Why is that some people in the world prefer to associate with the ones that arent helping them advance in life? Sadly Ive come to a conclusion that people just want to be around whatever makes them comfortable, whether its good or bad. People are naturally attracted to the ones they are similar to. When you decide to take control of your life for the better and your family and friends are not, they may start to depise you and want to come around less no matter how much love you show them. They may be in fact intimidated by your love. Through all of this confusion you can still love them but just do it from a distance. Sometimes you have to remove them from your life in order to keep a decent relationship when times call for you to come together. Not everyone is going to have the same heart as you but you cant let that stop you from becoming the greatest version of yourself. There are plenty of people in the world who are willing to stand by you in your journey. Focus on the ones that help and not the ones that hate. Theres a saying, “people want you to do good just not better than them.” I love seeing people do good and better than myself because I feel if youre the smartest in the room than youre in the wrong room. Not only should you be good influence but find people who can also influence you for the better. Love and cherish those people because good deeds are a sign of love and until you come across that kind of love have peace in being a lone wolf.



He wanted everything she had, but she refused to give it to him. She had a deeper love for him, one that went beyond the surface, causing envy to grow deep in his heart because he wanted her so bad. He didn’t realize that he was her life and she was too naive to believe that he would bring her any harm. She loved him and that is why draining her spirit came to be an easier task than he imagined.