Monthly Archives: November 2016

?? Confusion ??

The success of the internet has caused a lot of confusion in relationships. From spouses to family to friends. Why do we feel more comfortable expressing our feelings to the internet rather than each other? The internet has made many people spiteful! People we love and it can cause bridges to burn that we may not have wanted to burn. There should be no middleman when it comes to expressing our emotions to each other. Thats like being a child again having our parents teach us what to feel about everything. As adults, responsible adults, we need not to run to the internet and post statuses and memes about what just happend, like the other person wont see it and possibly feel some type of way depending on their maturity, making the situation larger than what it needs to be. Ends confusion and be straight up with those in your personal life. Those who matter dont mind and those who mind dont matter. 😉 


Appreciate More. Live More.

I a firm believer that if we appreciate what life has given us and have faith in whats to come, we will enjoy life much more. Our lives are big roller coasters, we have ups..we have downs…sometimes life curves to the left before it curves to the right. Thats when we have to find something small that matters to us and make it significant in our lives. Say for instance a hobby, working out, cooking, painting, reading, or writing. When something goes wrong tap into those senses on a different level. Be the ultimate chef for every meal, eating affects the way we feel and think. Put your heart into it! When someone gets you in your feelings, say someone youre crushing on, get lost in a book thats not a romance so you wont let your feelings make you do something youll regret. Or do a simple home workout to brush off the steam. Find an outlet that will help you become a better person mentally and physical. Appreciate lifes happenings, it shapes us in all ways. For worse or for better, its up to us at the end of the day.


It starts with you. Yes you! Not with your money, not with family, friends, spouses or your job. When we get the notion that happiness starts from within then we’ll be able to maximize the potential we have in our jobs, spouses, family and friends to 1000 percent! Happiness comes from within so it is important to take care of yourself from the inside out. Take care of your feelings. Express yourself as much as you need to in order to keep your sanity. Happiness is a beautiful glow that is very noticeable. No one is in control of your peace and happiness but you. You cant depend on someone to make you happy. That would mean they have control over your emotions and you never want that! They can make you feel all kinds of ways…if you let them. You cant depend on a job to keep you happy because it can get snatched away from you just as quickly as you got it. While you cant depend on all these thing to make you happy, these things do play a role in our happiness, whether they make us happier or sad. At the end of the day you are in control of your own happiness and you have to do what it takes to keep your peace of mind.


Everyone you meet is going to make a mistake sooner or later, whether it be forgetting your sprite on a store run or wrecking your car. Not saying those exact examples will happen but I just want you to get the point. Some mistakes are going to be a lot more intense than others but when  you love someone its important to have a forgiving heart. No one is perfect. When you refuse to forgive someone it does not always cause that person sadness and pain. Sometimes you hurt yourself because youre holding a grudge. A forgiving heart is a healthy heart. You have to forgive to set yourself free. It has nothing to do with the other person, its a personal thing you need within yourself to be truly happy.

Your Life

What you think is what you become.Thats why it is so critical to hold yourself to a bright light and shine! What you think is what you become. Thats why it is very important to first love yourself. When you realize youre a King, when you realize youre a Queen you start to carry yourself as such. The illusion the world gives you on how youre supposed to be becomes a distant memory and you start to truly love yourself the way you were created. What you think is what you become so it is important to know who you are and where you came from. How you feel about yourself shows by the way you treat yourself everyday. Oh you think youre great? Thats awesome but you are also going to have to put some actions behind your words to make them believable. What exactly are you great at? Or what do you desire to become great in? How are you working towards those goals? You can do whatever you put youre mind to as long as you have the drive and motivation to make them happen. Your everyday thoughts and choices shape who you are. So you need that vision for your life and from there take the necessary steps in becoming what you desire. Think. Plan. Execute. Its your life.