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Will this car that pulled up from the right too fast keep going or will he quickly press the brake fast enough? People can be so unpredictable. Will he make the jump from the ramp over the car on his skateboard? Being unpredictable brings excitement that we need in order to remain interesting and not become dull. Sometimes we need to get our adrenaline pumping and have some fun. We must also think of our well being and of those around that will be directly affected if it gets out of hand. Diving into rushing white waters is a bit beyond exciting, it’s dangerous. Just like binge drinking with your buddies on the weekend. Being unpredictable is fun but you have to know your limits. Will this kill me?  Will I end up in the hospital? These are the predicatable outcomes that should not be an option when doing something unpredictable. 


Prepare for Success

I know they say you only live once but I feel we live everyday. Everyday is new opportunity to take one step closer to your goals. As much as some of us like to have fun, you have to be displined to know when enough is enough. It’s always better to have funds rather than fun. Saving can be a hard thing to do in our world of consumerism but it is vital to save. It’s important to know how to be “bored” sometimes. That’s where displine comes in. I received some great advice from a great business man I worked for about two months ago. He told me that without displine I wouldn’t be able to achieve my goals and become successful. Those words went right to my heart because discipline is not a strong characteristic I possess. I do have a logical mind and could understand exactly what he meant and his words hit me hard enough for me to stop procrastinating and make the necessary changes I needed for my life. It is only through discipline that I’ll be able to acquire the life I desire. He also mentioned “why spend less when you can make more” in a meeting he held. In my mind I’m thinking that’s exactly the life I want. To not worry about money and do the things I want when I want. As a growing adult I realize that right now is the time I should building a solid foundation for my future because money doesn’t grow on trees. Investing in our future is more important than having fun in the moment. It’s never too late to start on the right path. Whether you think you can or cannot, either way you’re right. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it is the only way to grow and learn. Take physical or mental notes of what you did or what you’re doing wrong and correct them. Reach out to people with the same goals as you and people that can help you grow because they are the stepping stones you need to reach your goals. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. No-one has become a success all on their own. 


The company you keep is also vital in your progress to success. It’s impossible to spend a majority of your time around successful people and not become successful yourself. A successful person will not allow anyone to Just “hangout” without being a valueable asset to the goals they have. Just like how it will be hard to become successful around unsuccessful people with no goals. You are the company you keep so always strive to have the best of people that can contribute to your success as well as being valuable in their journey to success. Everyone needs something to bring to the table in order to have a well rounded group. Each person has their own special talent that keeps the boat afloat and running smoothly. The company you keep says a lot about who you are as a person, your weaknesses and your strengths. 

 Being organized is also a great way to discipline yourself for success. From your home, to your car, to your workplace. If you keep your space nice and tidy that shows that you are organized in your thoughts. I know when my I let my space become cluttered that’s exactly how I feel in my head. Disorganized and everywhere. I may have great ideas I want To explore but there’s no room because it seems like everything is out of place and it’s hard to start something new when I haven’t finished and properly put away the material from my last session. It saves a lot of time when you’re organized. I know you’ve heard of the phrase “cleanliness is next to godliness”. It gives you a relaxed state of mind when everything is where it’s suppose to be. No worrying or breakdowns when it comes time for action. 

You are the only one in control of your destiny. Tomorrow is not promised so do the best you can with the days you are given. 


Most people desire love. To love and be loved, but we can only give out the love we know, have seen and received. That is from growing up seeing how our parents interacted, to interacting with our friends and family members. Even from the shows, music and movies we watch and listen to.  We all know the kind of love we want but not everyone has the mental state to openly express their love because they just don’t know how to. Especially in a time where love doesn’t seem appreciated as it should.

You may feel you are doing exactly what you need to be doing but the other person may not feel the same. This is because one has a more solid foundation of love than the other. Don’t be upset at them but rather show them the way. They have to want to learn and grow with you, otherwise you’re wasting your valuable time with someone who will never truly make you happy. Whilst you may have them in heaven on earth and that’s a cause for disater.

We all want to be treated equally. Whether it’s treated equally to your siblings, classmates, spouse, co-workers or fellow citizens. And when we are not treated equally the environment becomes hostile until a proper solution is proposed to make things peaceful and unified once again. The way to make life peaceful is through love. Love at home. Love at school. Love at work. Love at the grocery. Love everywhere! Where there is love, there is peace. 


He wanted everything she had, but she refused to give it to him. She had a deeper love for him, one that went beyond the surface, causing envy to grow deep in his heart because he wanted her so bad. He didn’t realize that he was her life and she was too naive to believe that he would bring her any harm. She loved him and that is why draining her spirit came to be an easier task than he imagined.