Monthly Archives: January 2017

Cauliflower Bites!

I saw this and couldnt resist. Barbeque cauliflower bites. Simple make. The first time I attempted I failed but went back and watched a video to see if it would work. All i needed to do was mix milk into my egg mixture and the rest was a hit. These are perfect for a side dish. 


Effective Partnering 

Ive been doing a lot of reading the last six months (Im currently ending book 3 and half way through book 4 for the year) and right now a chapter is called “Effective Partnering”. This is clearly vital when looking to achieve extraordinary success. Not one of us can become successful all on our own. We need someone that wants to help us achieve our goals and its important to choose the right person or youll end up wasting time. Take the time to evaluate and watch someone you want on your team so you can waste less time and get more done. Knowing your own character can help with choosing the right person. And when you dont feel like continuing on a goal or project your partner will be right there encouraging you to keep going. 


They are going to be everywhere! In the forms of objects and people. People distractions can be the worst kind, thats why its important not to share your goals with everyone or just anybody. Some people will intentionally distract you from your goals because they dont want to see you become that much greater than they are. These people are conniving and deceitful. They may make you feel special, like youre important to them and theyre looking out for you. When in reality they really just want to keep you from advancing in life. Its easy to spot these kinds of people. Take note of who you share your goals with, before and after. Have they wanted to start hanging out more and participate in activities that have nothing to do with your goals? Do they always seem to want to do things that keep you out of the right state of mind? If the answer to these questions are yes then you need to evaluate the time you spend with that person. Never feel bad for doing whats best for you.Never feel bad for cutting toxic people out of your life, whether its family, friends, or even your significant other! Focus on achieving your goals.

Television is another major distraction, thats why its called tell-lie-vision, to keep you misinformed and distracted from whats important. Turn off the tell-lie-vision and be productive. 

Social media is a major distraction to. Its ok not to know every aspect of someones online profile. Dont be too distracted by anything that doesnt add to your growth.

#Stay focused #EvaluatePeople #EvaluateYourTime #SetGoals #KnockThemOut!