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Spinach Dip With The Works

This had my family and bestfriends eyes bulging right out of their heads! Ok maybe im exaggerating but they were surprised for some odd reason lol.  I feel like it needed more spinach but it was definitely a blessing for our tastebuds. I put mushrooms, onions and ham in it with velvetta and a little mozarella. Definetely one for the books. 😉


Positional Influence

This is one of the worst kinds of influence and leadership one can have. Having a given position(job, althete, ceo, etc) doesnt mean you are above someone who doesnt have a given position. In fact there are too many people that hold positions that dont deserve them with the mindset of doing just enough not to get fired and there are many people with no given position that would do more than what it takes to succeed and help others. We cant let position block us from our full potential. Imagine you are a manager at an retail store with employees and you make them feel like “less” instead of “more” your turnover rate will be sky high. The goal is to build people up no matter what title you hold, dont look down on anyone unless youre genuinely helping them up. Positional leadership is for the insecure. Having more than someone or being in a higher position should never cross your mind when dealing with people you want to help unless you are giving them something. See the potential in your life and who possess and has the drive to become great while not being intimidated. We can all make it. Believe that and believe in your team and constantly remind them and youll have a loyal lifelong crew and bond. If youre a positional leader thats fine because everyone can change as long as they truly want to. When you help others become great you become even greater! And know that you can learn something from everyone whether their position is higher or lower than yours. Have an open mind.😉 

Lone Wolf 

Sometimes I sit and wonder why some people show the most love to those who are negative influences in their lives. Why is that some people in the world prefer to associate with the ones that arent helping them advance in life? Sadly Ive come to a conclusion that people just want to be around whatever makes them comfortable, whether its good or bad. People are naturally attracted to the ones they are similar to. When you decide to take control of your life for the better and your family and friends are not, they may start to depise you and want to come around less no matter how much love you show them. They may be in fact intimidated by your love. Through all of this confusion you can still love them but just do it from a distance. Sometimes you have to remove them from your life in order to keep a decent relationship when times call for you to come together. Not everyone is going to have the same heart as you but you cant let that stop you from becoming the greatest version of yourself. There are plenty of people in the world who are willing to stand by you in your journey. Focus on the ones that help and not the ones that hate. Theres a saying, “people want you to do good just not better than them.” I love seeing people do good and better than myself because I feel if youre the smartest in the room than youre in the wrong room. Not only should you be good influence but find people who can also influence you for the better. Love and cherish those people because good deeds are a sign of love and until you come across that kind of love have peace in being a lone wolf.

Life In A Bowl

Spinach Salad with:

  • Cauliflower
  • Orange peppers
  • Cucumbers
  • Mushrooms
  • Shredded mozzarrella
  • Homemade guacamole

I remember the first time I bought a avocado attempting to eat healthier. It was hard so I had to brown paper bag it and waited patiently for it to rippen. I was way too excited to try it. So when it finally rippens and I cut it open it was absolutely disgusting and I ended up throwing it away. No flavor, just mushy stuff. Trashed it without a second thought. If I would have thought to google something to make, that would have been less wasteful but there was no second thought to it. Haha. But I bought some guacamole from the store for 2.99 awhile ago and knew there had to be a way to get more for less. The container was too small and too delicious not to figure out how to make it. Come to find out one avocado makes more than that little container! Homemade is the way. Super easy to make.

My favorite fruit is by far is pears. Only thing about pears is I cant eat them immediately. I have to brown paper bag them for days. But the fruits I dont refrigerate or eat right away are nice for pictures. 😊

First Time Fryin Up Some Asparagus

I love asparagus but Ive always got it in a can. So i finally stepped out of my comfort zone and brought some fresh asparagus that uses rubber bands instead of a metal can to eat healthier. I was going to boil it because it made sense to me being soak in juices in the can but as i always telling a friend I was about to cook asparagus for the first time he mentioned frying so I tried it out and absolutely love it! Im still may boil them just to try. I fried them in coconut oil.

The salad on the side is my bestfriend. Haha. I love my spinach salads. On this particular one I used 

  • Spinach
  • Diced up Colby Jack Cheese
  • Tomatos
  • Mushrooms
  • Cucumbers

And this bagged breaded shrimp I chopped up and tossed in. I used some italian vinegarette to top it. 

Know Thyself

When you know exactly who you are it brings insecurities to a mininum if not a complete hault. There is no one that is perfect but the thing is, you have to accept who you are and love the heck out of yourself. Constantly denying the truth about yourself is not a smart solution to the mixture of true love. When you love yourself with faults included you have a special power. Self-love is power. In this world people are going to judge and talk good and bad of you, but when you are equipped with self-love it doesn’t have a negative affect on your life. Not everyone is going to like you and that’s ok. Not everyone wants to be a part of your life and thats ok. Not everyone wants to help and thats ok. Dont judge yourself on how others may treat you. All you can do is your part. No you dont have to accept everyone into your life. No you dont have to like everyone. No you dont have to help everyone. When you try to hard to help it only brings disappointment because not everyone has the same heart as you. Love yourself and put yourself first because no-one else has to. 💖💞💖


Compliments are more than just someone saying you look nice or they like your work. When someone mimicks your goals and aspirations that to is also a compliment, even when they dont tell you that you’ve been an inspiration to them. But how do we get around someone entering our realm and giving no compliments and having a kind of disappointed/surprised look on their face, then later on telling you how their going to do the same thing? How do we react when these are people we love? Are these people bringing negativity to our mentals or are we overracting? I feel with growth comes the maturity to overlook anyone bringing negativity in our lives and continue to be positive influences but what is the solution to this kind of dilemma? Do we hide our doings from those we care for most and those that should be our biggest supporters if they aren’t contributing to your success? I honestly would like to know how you all feel on this matter.