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What’s You’re Reality?

The more real you are with yourself and your reality the smoother life will go on. If you want something write down the way you’re going to achieve it. Miracles don’t happen for everybody all the time. You have to work towards the life you want everyday. Never(I know they say never say never but I am) never envy what someone else has. That’s a joy killer right there. How can you be happy if your doing what makes you feel the opposite? Make more time for what feels good and when you start to feel the negativity creep up in your veins from the bottom of your soul, stop and check yourself right there! Create your reality and when something interferes with that, change your reality again so do better fits your current situation. The power of positive and productive thinking is within us, all we have to do is tap into it. Praying and going to sit on the couch for your wish to be granted will not happen. You have to be a firm and active believer. Bring what you want into existence and know what it takes to get it. Confidence and a good attitude can be your most powerful weapon, especially when they are genuine.